Stoked on the 2nd Annual SOY Surf Days!

By Axel Eaton, Sustainability Intern

Such an amazing time spent with the fun-loving and free-spirited youth of West-Costa Mesa!  For the second year in a row, we spent three days with the organization SOY (Save Our Youth) teaching kids how to surf as part of our Give Back Series.

Save Our Youth was founded on the idea that teenagers needed an alternative to gangs and the temptation of the streets. As a non-profit agency providing a worthwhile option to an at-risk lifestyle, SOY provides a challenging and healthy environment where teens receive mentoring, tutoring, and college preparedness.

Each morning we met about fifteen kids at Orange Street @ 7am.  Despite waking up early the kids were absolutely fired up and ready to go!  Case in point, some of them were so eager to surf that they’d often be in the water before I could even put my wetsuit on.  Mother nature blessed us with perfect waves & conditions with 2-4ft waves and an ocean temp of 68 degrees.

After practicing our technique on the beach we hit the waves for a solid 3 hours or more of surfing, bodysurfing, and boogie boarding!  For most of the kids it was their first time surfing… They blew my mind!  Many of them were getting up and taking waves all the way to the sand as if they’d been doing it for their entire life.  I’d often joke with the kids, “Are you sure this isn’t your first time surfing??”.

Volcom employees like Richie, Jake Hoose, Jack Morrisey, Deniz Pasinli, Jamie Gutierrez, McKenna Gunderson, and Katie from The FrogHouse volunteered as surf instructors.  Also, surfboards were borrowed from Richie and The Froghouse.  Thanks to everyone who helped out!!

Thanks to the Froghouse for their support!

We surfed until we got hungry and then came in for a tasty breakfast from Shirley’s: bagels, coffee, and orange juice.  YUM!  We filled up on caffeine and didn’t waste anytime getting back in the water.

I have been giving surf lessons to family and friends for the past three years.  Surfing with the SOY kids is special; they are so cool!!  First off, they’re fearless and always wanted the biggest and gnarliest waves.  Also, each and every one of them is kindhearted and respectful to their peers and environment.  Finally, it seems like they constantly radiate good vibes and have a fun time no matter what situation they’re in.

The Save Our Youth mission is: nurturing the teen community to make positive decisions in life.  This is evident in the way the kids were acting; I believe that the organization has done an exceptional job in providing an environment for the kids to mature and become well-rounded citizens in their community.

Check out these photos that capture the excitement!

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Volcom Teams with Surfrider HB/Seal Beach Chapter Beach Clean Up in Bolsa Chica

Hey!  I’m Axel Eaton and I attend the University of California Santa Barbara.  This summer Jamie Gutierrez and I have been working for Volcom & Derek Sabori as Sustainability Interns.  I could not be happier; working at the Volcom HQ is such an empowering experience – I am constantly surrounded by amazing people who are doing extraordinary things.

On Saturday, we teamed up with Surfrider Seal Beach/HB.  Long story short, it was an epic day at the beach!  We encouraged all of the volunteers to pick up trash and they could, in return, earn some awesome Volcom sunglasses, hats, and much more.  We rewarded the most hard working and enthusiastic volunteers with Mizu water bottles andtons of Volcom gear.  169 Volunteers showed up on Saturday morning and collectively picked up 258 POUNDS OF TRASH!

Thanks to everyone for doing their part to keep our beaches clean!  Who knew that cleaning up trash could be so fun?



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Summer Daze with Keepers of the Coast

This past Saturday Volcom East and our good Friends over at Keepers Of The Coast held our last Summer Daze Beach Clean-Up event (Whoa! Are we really that far along with summer!?).

The weather was as close to perfect as you could get (Minus the 100 Degree Heat!) and with over 70 volunteers we proceeded to clean up a solid amount of trash along with over 6,000 cigg butts off the beach. We awarded two winners with a pair of our Volcom with Repreve Board shorts and handed out tons of Volcom high wear and stickers to everyone who attended. Local media helped with promotion of the event with 2 of the three main news outlets asking people to donate their time to our events cause.

Here are a couple photos from the day. Enjoy your week!

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Sustainable by Design 2014 – The Second Chapter

Couldn’t be happier to share this with you…

Each year, the focus on sustainability at the Volcom Pipe Pro has intensified and in 2013 Nathan Peracciny created a film to capture the story of the people behind the movement to make the Volcom Pipe Pro ‘Sustainable by Design’ and a certified, Deep Blue Surfing Event™. We followed it up this year with a film that highlights the reach of the story and the affect it had on people all over the world.

The film presented here in it’s entirety, takes an intimate look at the commitment of the sustainability community on Oahu, the beauty of the wave, and the fun we’re having crafting this Deep Blue Certified Surf Event™.

Special thanks to Sustainable Surf, TR3EES, and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii for their expertise and to Nate Peracciny for his vision and beautiful craft.

PS Check in at the Volcom Surf Instagram feed on Friday July 25th, for details on a Firewire Surfboards giveaway! They were so stoked on the film that they’re helping us celebrate…


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Summer Daze – 2014!

Once again Volcom East has partnered up with a local Non-Profit organization out of St. Augustine, FL (Keepers Of The Coast) for our 4th Annual “Summer Daze Beach Clean-Up Series in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine areas of NE Florida. We set up in 5 locations around St. Aug on Saturday, July 5th (The Daze After) and gathered over 150 volunteers that collectively picked up 10,218 cigg butts off of our local beaches along with close to a 1/2 Ton of trash.

We gave out a pair of Volcom Highwear to the first 50 at each event and awarded a pair of our Mod-Tech Boardies to the person who picked up the most cig butts. Our Winner picked up 850 in a 1 hour time period! Goes to show how much our beaches need the spark of these events to get people to understand how important it is to keep them clean.

Stoked we could get the word out through the local papers with a Sunday paper story on the event, two local news channels coming out to cover the event and broadcast them during the evening and late news with our set-up showing :)

Thanks to some of the local outlets that covered the event:

We have one event left for the year on August 2nd in Jacksonville Beach, FL (Volcom East Backyard!)

Get out and join one of these if you can.

PS. A boat load of pirates showed up, too!

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World Oceans Day Hawaii Wrap Up

Yarn Art

Just came off a great weekend celebrating World Oceans Day Hawaii with our friends and event founders, PangeSeed! We were lucky enough to have a sponsorship role and were very happy to be able to premiere the new, soon to be released film by Nathan Peracciny called Sustainable by Design, a look at the New Future stories behind the Volcom Pipe Pro 2014.

Art Show

The event kicked off with a beautiful art exhibition called Sleep With the Fishes featuring the works of Olek and Kozyndan on Friday night and then went into Film Festival mode all weekend long. Saturday night featured the very inspiring movie Revolution by filmmaker Rob Stewart and offered a Q&A by way of Skype with the time difference keeping the activist up into the early morning hours – great opportunity, though, to hear the insights of the film’s ambassador. All the films that were featured are worth learning about and watching if you get the chance.

Sunday was our day, and I was so honored and excited to premiere the story of the story behind the Pipe Pro this year. Nathan did an amazing job connecting the dots for us and I was joined by the people without whom, the New Future story would not be possible. The discussion panel consisted of an All-Star line up of:

  • Kahi Pacarro, Executive Director, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii
  • Jim DiCarlo, Founder, Each One Teach One Farms / The Bokashi Bucket / Throw To Grow
  • Jen Homcy, Foundwood Founder, Founding Partner, TR3EES Sustainability Strategies
  • Maureen Purington, Clubhouse Director, Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii – Windward
  • Dave Wassel, Volcom Pro Surfer, Hawaii Ambassador
  • Jason Shibata, Volcom Team Manager, Hawaii Ambassador
  • Tai Van Dyke, Volcom Pro Surfer, Hawaii Ambassador

We had a great discussion regarding community, activation, coastlines, sustainability, surfing, and next year’s Volcom Pipe Pro. Big thanks to all of them – what a privilege to moderate such a talk.

WODH Founders Tre' Packard and Akira Biondo

Happy to Have This Team on My Side

Art for the Seas


The Reason for WODH

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Volcom Japan – Full Circle Event

A Report from Eddie Miyoshi, Volcom Japan

On May 6 Volcom, Patagonia and Full Circle once again sponsored a surf for disabilities event for those in wheel chairs to experience –  Another amazing event!

The beach was packed with families, kids, legend riders, as well as young chargers! This year we had our first 72 year old blind participant, first time on a board, stood up with exhilaration!

Great vibes and great for the community!

In addition this weekend, Full circle flew in Christian Otter Bailey to do a little wheel chair skate and surf demo in Japan, to encourage the kids and local community.

Complete with a full Japanese camera crew and hosts  for a national network broadcast they followed the crew for a week at the skate park and on the beach. Was great to get this kind of exposure for the program on National TV here. They even did a section of the team shopping the Volcom Odaiba store! It was amazing! Big thanks to Otter and Kojimasan for setting this up and making it happen!

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World Oceans Day Hawaii x Sustainable by Design

By Derek Sabori We are so looking forward to the world premiere of Nathan Peracciny’s new Sustainable by Design feature – a look at the sustainability story behind the Volcom Pipe Pro. If you’ve already seen last year’s 24 minute piece, you know this one won’t disappoint.

Speaking of not disappointing, check out the line up at World Ocean’s Day Hawaii being put on by environmental non-profit PangeaSeed and the Honolulu Museum of Art. The multimedia event aims to connect local marine conservationists, filmmakers, scientists and ocean enthusiasts to share their knowledge and passion to inspire a new generation of ocean stewards. The event, held June 6-12, features a film festival, art exhibition, Sea Keiki Fun Zone, guest speakers and panel discussions…one of which will be a big group of our friends!

After the premiere of the Sustainable by Design film, on June 8th at 12pm, I’ll be moderating a panel discussion (aka a ‘Talk Story”) with some of the islands strongest sustainability leaders, community advocates, and athletes:

  • Kahi Pacarro, Executive Director, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii
  •  Jim DiCarlo, Founder, Each One Teach One Farms / The Bokashi Bucket / Throw To Grow
  • Jen Homcy, Foundwood Founder, Founding Partner, TR3EES Sustainability Strategies
  •  Maureen Purington, Clubhouse Director, Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii – Windward
  • Dave Wassel, Volcom Pro Surfer, Hawaii Ambassador
  • Jason Shibata, Volcom Team Manager, Hawaii Ambassador
  • Tai Van Dyke, Volcom Pro Surfer, Hawaii Ambassador

And hopefully,

It’ll be an epic time! Can’t wait…

See the full WODH press release here:  WODH_Press_Release





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Volcom Pipe Pro 2014 Sustainability Report Released

Today, we are happy to announce the release of the final sustainability report for the 2014 Volcom Pipe Pro and, for the second year running, it has been certified as a Deep Blue Surfing Event by Sustainable Surf.

Sustainable Surf describes a Deep Blue Surfing Event (DBSE) as a more “ocean friendly” event, and the criteria has been endorsed by the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) as it sets a clear path for reducing the environmental impacts of a professional surf contest and providing social benefits for the local community.

Each year, we have set out to improve upon the initiatives that started simply with issuing reusable water bottles to contestants and staff and using previous year’s banners to make the tote bags for said participants. It has evolved now to a carbon neutral event, running on locally produced bio-fuel, whose food, plates and utensils are chipped and layered into a Bokashi compost at the local farm.

It All Started Here

There are still things that we can improve on – we know that (and there always are, trust me), but I have to say, I’m quite proud of our progress each year.  Last year’s film Volcom Pipe Pro 2013: Sustainable by Design, by Nathan Peracciny, did such an amazing job of wrapping it all up and putting it in perspective for us.

To align with the release of the report, we’d like to announce as well, the upcoming World Premiere of the follow up to the 2013 VPP sustainability-in-surf documentary. The piece, Sustainable by Design, which is in it’s final editing stages, will once again, tell the behind the scenes story of the people that we truly could not do this without, and will highlight the sustainability initiatives, the thoughts of Volcom team riders and industry insiders as well as feature the far reaching effects that an event like this can have.

The team at Sustainable Surf has prepared a beautifully crafted report that’s concise and easy to read with just the right amount of techy stuff :) Please enjoy the full report here and comment on our New Future facebook page with any thoughts on it.

Additionally, we invite you to share the promo piece for Nathan’s upcoming 2014 documentary (which can be found here), and hope to see you on World Ocean’s Day Hawaii, June 8th at the Doris Duke Theater.

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Marie-Claire at Volcom HQ – An Update from Kering’s CSO

MCD Can Sure Draw a Crowd!

Today, we were lucky enough to get some one-on-one time with Kering’s Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of International and Institutional Affairs, Marie-Claire Daveu. After a few days at Fortune’s Brainstorm Green conference, Marie-Claire stopped by for a meeting with department heads and execs including CEO, Jason Steris and CFO, Dave Unter.

It was a chance for us to have a discussion on the progress report that Kering recently released regarding our 2016 Group Sustainability Targets as well as the state of sustainability in our marketplace, among our employees, and within the brand. It can be overwhelming addressing all that needs to be considered when lowering a company’s environmental footprint…Cotton, dyeing, energy use, emissions, waste water, transportation, packaging, paper use, etc, etc. etc. It was great, however, for everyone to be reminded of the support we have from the Sustainability Department at Kering, the momentum we’re generating within the brand in regards to sustainability, and the commitment that is coming directly from the top.

No easy road, but man, am I glad to be on it.



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