Baker x Volcom Prep – Green Team’s On It!

Alright – while it’s a match made in the gutter, it doesn’t mean the waste (er, I mean valuable leftovers) have to end up there! Stoked on the delivery we just got today from our New Future partner Waste Management. Thanks to the abundance of recycle bins and food waste bins, we’re shooting for our “lowest-amount-to-landfill” at an HQ event yet! Thanks to Pizzanista and Free Range LA for sticking to our Styrofoam-free and recyclable guidelines.

Another thanks, yet to our 5-person Green Team. They’ll be on point to ensure things are going well and that at the end of the night, the recycling program is in tact and that things are getting to where they need to be!

If you didn’t know about it, here are the details:

If you’re coming out to the party – here’s the deal: Your drink cups and cans go in the white box, your food leftovers and wrappers go in the green bins. Whatever’s left (ie cig butts!) go in the landfill bins…Have fun!

Dirty Job, But Someone's Gotta Do It

Follow The Instructions, No One Gets Hurt :)

See You There!

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Elena Hight x Repreve Collection

Stoked to show off this collection in partnership with Elena Hight. There’s still lots in development, but for now, you can get your hands on these tees designed in collaboration with the X Games rock start!

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Volcom Pipe Pro x Sustainability – It’s a Team Effort

Hey Folks,

It’s day 2 of the Volcom Pipe Pro, and if you’re lucky (or sneaky) enough to be able to watch it today, you’ll know that 1.) It’s Pumping! and 2.) The New Future team got some nice plugs earlier for the sustainability efforts going on again at this year’s Deep Blue Surfing Event.

As anyone working towards a more sustainable future knows, you don’t go it alone. It’s a TEAM effort, and we’d be nowhere without the great team that’s on the ground on the North Shore or without our partners on the mainland. Big thanks to them all! Check out the New Future commercial reel for a 30 second blast of each of them and their message:

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Volcom Pipe Pro 2014 – Day 1 and the Sustainability Team Kicks Into Action!

By Jen Homcy

Thanks Surfer, the Bar for Hosting our Sustainability Talk

After 4 lei days, Day 1 of the Volcom Pipe Pro was finally on!  We had just presented an evening of “Talk Story ” at Turtle Bay’s “Surfer – The Bar” with Dave Wassel, Alex Gray, and myself where we showcased Volcom’s film “Volcom Pipe Pro – Sustainable By Design” by Nathan Peracciny. The timing could not have been better. With so much anticipation and all of the new attention being given to Volcom’s sustainability efforts, we were very excited to get started!

We have a few new things for this year and a new partnership!  The VPP 2014 has now officially partnered with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.  This partnership is so exciting because it expands our outreach efforts to raise awareness and create action surrounding the marine debris issues of the Pacific as well as the Japan Tsunami Debris.

Welcome Friends!

Kahi Pacarro and his team are onsite working hard to divert waste, educate beach goers, and participate in the surfing community! We also have a new volunteer who travelled all the way from Japan to help.  Munetoyo Tanaka “Tanaka San” took day 1 very seriously, diving right in and sorting through the “Lei Day” waste at the Waihuena Farm.  With “Wilbur” the pig, “Bucko” the rooster and all the ladies (hens) by his side, waiting for an opportunity to snag a watermelon rind or some rice, Tanaka dug through trash bags making sure that we got all of the organics and recyclables sorted from the trash!

Big Thanks to Rexann Dubiel’s 4th Grade Class at Sunset El - These are Epic!

We also partnered with Rex Dubiel’s Sunset Beach Elementary School fourth grade class to make custom mugs for all of the Volcom and ASP crew.  The kids painted crew names and the message “Love The Ocean” on coffee mugs with sea creatures, surfboards, and waves.  The mugs are being used and “reused” to help reduce our coffee cup waste.  Dave Wassel says “This is the best thing ever… I LOVE IT”

The day shaped up nicely with beautiful weather, and although the swell decreased in the afternoon, everyone had a great day.

We successfully diverted 77 pounds of World Centric compostables, 149 pounds of food waste, and 66 pounds of recycling.  The generators ran smoothly on locally produced biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil by Pacific Biodiesel, water bottles and Menehune Water refill stations were in full effect, and those coveted coffee mugs were being refilled all day!  Last year’s banners were not only repurposed into reusable totes, but this year we have iPad and iPad mini cases and much more in sustainable merchandise!

See you on Day 2 – look for more updates from the contest and the farm as we continue to produce the “Greenest Surfing Contest in the World!”

VPP Goodie Bag - Repurposed Vinyl + Hawaii Give Back + Reusables

Our Green Team - Couldn't Do It Without 'Em!

Rock Star (thanks Jen!)

On Site Activation With Give Clean Water and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Not Much Left For Landfill When We're Done With It

Thanks For the Help Tanaka-San!

Photos by Nathan Peracciny, Darrel Larson, and Derek Sabori

More details on the event’s sustainability efforts at:

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Pipe Pro is On and So’s the Surf Credits x Turtle Bay Giveaway!

Well, the wait is over! Day one of the Volcom Pipe Pro is underway and what better day than to today to head over to Surf and join us in supporting the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii while giving yourself a chance to win a 5 night stay over at the North Shore’s famous Turtle Bay Resort!

The Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii  - Where great futures start! Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii (BGCH) has been a cornerstone of the community since opening it doors in 1976. They currently operate 7 Clubhouses, 3 Harry & Jeannette Weinberg Teen Centers and 2 Outreach Sites on Oahu and Kauai. Serving over 14,000 youth, BGCH provides a safe, structured and positive environment for young people after school, during holidays and on summer vacation.

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Another Lei Day, So Let’s Talk Story…

Hi Everyone,

It’s another Lei Day here at the Volcom Pipe Pro, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do…We’ve been busy filming today for a follow up to the New Future piece Volcom Pipe Pro – Sustainable by Design and pulling together a great night at Surfer, The Bar for their Talk Story Series. Hoping to spread the word about some of the sustainability initiatives from last year’s event, plans for this year’s event, and talking points about what the New Future program looks like here at the Pipe Pro in the coming years. Join us if you can, but nonetheless, help spread the word!

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Give Clean Water Update

It’s a Lei Day here on the North Shore at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Doesn’t mean, however, that we can’t share some news from the front lines!

To connect the dots, we have our friend Darrel Larson, founder of Give Clean Water, our Volcom Fiji Pro water partner here on site to do some outreach at the beach park as well as over at Sunset Elementary. Due to the rain and wind, we’re not setting up booths yet, but this update on the sustainable water filter program we supported along with Tavarua Island Resort and Islands Restaurants, is in fine form and worth sharing in the meanwhile.

So nice to see the positive, follow up report. See the full report here.


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Volcom Pipe Pro 2014 – Another Deep Blue Surfing Event


In line with our New Future commitment and in partnership with Sustainable Surf and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, we’re proud to announce that the fifth annual Volcom Pipe Pro, an ASP 5-Star World Qualifying Series (WQS) event, will once again be designated as a Deep Blue Surfing Event™.

If you’ve followed our previous events, you might know that ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) events can earn this award by following a comprehensive sustainability strategy, established by Sustainable Surf and ASP North America, to help reduce the environmental impact of surf contests. According to the strategy, and in line with event tradition, energy, waste, transportation, climate change and community support efforts will be monitored, managed and measured.

In addition to Sustainable Surf, we owe a huge thanks to our friends and partners at: TR3EES, Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, Throw to Grow, Menehune Water Company, World Centric, Wildlife Works, Pacific Biodiesel, Nathan Peracciny, Waihuena Farms and Give Clean Water. They’re helping to ensure Deep Blue certification criteria is met.

Community support this year comes in the form of a Live Like Sion fundraiser for the Sion Milosky Memorial Fund, and a yearlong Give Back Series campaign raising money for Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii. Additionally, community-oriented travel credits will be purchased for all traveling staff, and efforts will be made to raise additional funds for North Shore Community Land Trust, Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, through the Surf Credits website and their Turtle Bay giveaway (that’s right! How about a chance to win six nights for two at the famous Turtle Bay Resort when you donate to support the Turtle Bay Foundation through SurfCredits during the event!).

Learn more about all the event’s sustainability initiatives at and watch the 24-minute film Volcom Pipe Pro 2013 – Sustainable by Design by Nate Peracciny for a recap of last year’s highlights.

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Some Support to the Philippines

When Typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines in November 2013, we were of course saddened and worried for friends, family and business partners in the area.  While it’s been a few months, we’re hearing that rebuilding has begun, but of course there’s still much to do, and many things to consider. Take for instance, this PRI piece that shows that many are still without homes, and deciding where to rebuild is an issue that is being seriously addressed.

When we decided to send financial support, we reached out to our colleagues on the ground to get a sense of who was making good impact in communities that were most affected. Both groups, nice to know, have a surf root in them, and we’re happy to be able to support the great work they are doing in the Philippines, post Haiyan.

Manila Surfer’s Association and Waves for Water are both reputable agencies that are doing great work, on the ground. There’s still much support that’s needed, so if you’re still looking for a place to send a financial contribution, we’d urge you to consider one of these groups.

Here, too is a little update regarding our donation, from Manila Surfer’s Association:

“To give you an update on our efforts, we were able to purchase roofing materials and chainsaws for a surf town in Guiuan, Eastern Samar. We see these as urgent needs for the people to help rebuild their houses and jumpstart their lives. A couple of representatives from the MSA will be delivering these in the first week of February.”

Embrace Recovery – Best wishes to all our friends in affected areas…

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Industry x Community

By Derek Sabori

Sometimes it takes a network to make things happen. Here’s a nice little story that started when our friends at the Costa Mesa Foundation - providing human & financial capital to initiate and support programs that enhance our community at the grassroots level - reached out to us with a need for a storage container. Upon inquiry, we, in turn, reached out to our network. Ends up, when you know a person or two in the Sustainability Professionals Family (ok, I made that group up), good things like this can happen!

This from Ralph’s, part of the Kroger family:

Ralphs has a long standing commitment to serving the community in Southern California for over 140 years. When recently approached by the Volcom team to provide needed storage space for the Costa Mesa Foundation, Ralphs was honored to be able to support their amazing work. Ralphs leveraged a relationship with their international shipping line, Hanjin, to secure a container for donation, and Hanjin delivered the container via container ship to the Port of Long Beach. Ralphs then secured pick-up and delivery of the container to the Foundation. It is a great example of a strong public/private partnership for the betterment of our community.

About Ralphs

Ralphs Grocery Company was founded in 1873 and currently operates 230 supermarkets and 88 in-store pharmacies from its headquarters in Los Angeles. Last year, Ralphs contributed more than $6 million to support education, hunger relief, women’s health and local nonprofit organizations in the communities served by the company’s stores. Ralphs is a subsidiary of The Kroger Co., (NYSE:KR), one of the nation’s largest food retailers, based in Cincinnati, Ohio. For more about Ralphs, please visit our web site at

Many thanks to Ashley White, Logistics Sustainability Manager at Kroger, for helping us make this happen. The Costa Mesa Foundation will be using this container to store equipment for their grant-raising, community-serving Concerts in the Park event, taking place every July.

Getting the approval for a donation is just the beginning...


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