By Derek Sabori

Now available from University of Plymouth Press, is a book that I am honored to have been a contributor to: Sustainable Stoke: Transitions to Sustainability in the Surfing World.

As noted in the press release from Plymouth University, this project was the brainchild of Dr. Gregory Borne, Director of the Plymouth Sustainability and Surfing Research Group, and Associate Professor Dr. Jess Ponting, Director of the Center for Surf Research at San Diego State University.

The book – which can be ordered here, on Amazon or directly from the Plymouth  e-store - incues “the views and opinions of more than 40 recognised global experts, including former world champions, environmental campaigners and the directors, CEOs and founders of some of the industry’s most recognisable brands.”

The full press release is here.

Thanks for helping share this collection of insights and advice.





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Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii – A Deep Blue Surf Event Partner

You know what they say about Dirty Jobs…Well in their case, not only do they do it, but the crew at Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii do it with a smile.

Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii have a mission to “inspire local communities to care for their coastlines through fun, hands-on beach cleanups.” They also coordinate educational programs, public awareness campaigns and help others run their own beach cleanups. In our case, for the Volcom Pipe Pro, we are lucky enough to call them our recycling & compost partner – making good out of the waste that is created at the event and helping us achieve another Deep Blue Surf Event certification.

More at

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Volcom Pipe Pro 2015 – Sustainable By Design, Deep Blue Certified

Just in time for Earth Week, comes the final report from Sustainable Surf, detailing and critiquing the efforts that made this year’s Volcom Pipe Pro another Deep Blue Certified Surf Event.

We have a great partner in the California-based 501(c)(3) non-profit Sustainable Surf. Their Mission: Be the catalyst that transforms surf culture and industry into a powerful community that protects the ocean playground.

For the 3rd year in a row, the Volcom Pipe Pro adhered to the guidelines they’ve set, and has been certified a Deep Blue Surfing Event – meeting Sustainable Surf’s criteria for running a more sustainable surf event. This means we addressed and measured our impacts in regards to: Energy, Waste, Community Support, Transportation and Climate Change.

Full Sustainability Report at and more photos available here at

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Happy Earth Day! Get Out There & Enjoy It!

How’d you celebrate?


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Growing In The Right Direction – Beach ‘N Boards Fest 2015

By Chase Newsom

Cocoa Beach Florida is not only the home town of the 11 time world champion Kelly Slater, it also serves as a Spring Break destination for many Americans who have been deterred by one of the coldest and longest winters ever. On March 13-16 Ron Jon surf shop hosted its annual “Beach n Board Fest” during a packed spring break weekend. The weekend hosted many events which included a tow-at airshow, a WSL junior pro, and a give back / sustainability campaign…Read the whole story here at


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Mo Benefit for Mauli Ola Foundation

It’s been a few years since our last Give Back Series supporting Mauli Ola Foundation hit the shelves and was available for sale. We’re happy to say, though – the goods are back, and they’re looking sharp! While you may not be able to surf like Gav’ you might (dare I say “might!” ;) ) be able to look like him with these fresh for Summer threads…

If you’re not familiar with the Mauli Ola Foundation, do learn about the great work they’re doing to introduce surfing as a natural treatment to people with cystic fibrosis.  Since 20017, Mauli Ola (meaning “Breath of Life” in Hawaiian)  has taken nearly 1,300 CF patients surfing at nearly 100 Surf Experience Days and has now expanded it’s reach with hospital visits and other activities that touch the lives of kids with cancer and a variety of other health challenges. Awesome work, guys. We’re stoked to be able to donate a portion of the proceeds from each sale, back to the great work that Mauli Ola is doing. Check your local shop and ask for the Mo Benefit Boardshort, or the Mauli Ola Tee!

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Spreading the Word at the Volcom Pipe Pro

By Derek Sabori

Well, the event is about to wrap up, and I’m happy to report a record number of mentions and plugs for all the work we’ve put into the greening & community partnership aspects of the event. Maybe you heard a mention or two on the webcast? ;) OK, there were quite a few, I know, but I couldn’t be more stoked – It feels like people are genuinely excited about, and interested in, what’s going on behind the scenes. They’re contributing to ways to make it better, and offering advice on how to spread the word even more in the hopes of affecting even more change; outside of the immediate Volcom family.

I was there on the island for 4 days and got to see plenty of heats, and had the opportunity to reconnect with our partners there on the North Shore.  We held the pre-event meeting, toured Waihuena Farms, watched Jim DiCarlo make Bokashi (to more rapidly compost our waste), and had the honor of hanging out with this awesome team (below) to Talk Story and hype up the Volcom Pipe Pro Sustainability program at Pro at Surfer, the Bar.

We held a round table asking questions of each of the leaders and ambassadors there with me: Kahi Pacarro – Executive Director of Sustainable Coastlines, a student of Philosophy and Finance, turned Real Estate entrepreneur, turned non-profit leader. Jen Homcy – a marine biologist accustomed to spending days at sea studying, turned sustainable events consultant, turned wood-worker. Nathan Peracciny – a passionate story teller, committed to telling the stories that inspire others to implement change in their lives. He’s a firm believer that the good stories need to be told. Alex Gray – Massive wave charger, hilarious human, eco-board advocate, student of sustainable living and eco-board and Sustainable Surf Ambassador. And then, Dave Wassel – Family man, steward of the North Shore, life saver, ocean advocate, uncle, deadly-wave chaser, and also a Sustainable Surf Ambassador. Then, we screened the film Sustainable By Design, and saluted Munetoyo Tanaka, one of the film’s stars.

This is the Dream Team – Without these guys, the program is nothing. They back it, they make it happen, and they help spread the word, encouraging others to get on board.

Nathan Peracciny keeps me reminding me how the greening of this event, started small: recycling, then reusables, repurposing, composting, biodiesel, then carbon neutral, AND how the message started as a small blog post. Now, it’s being discussed in almost every heat. Looks like the bar is being raised internally. Maybe the New Future’s not so far off after all.

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And It’s On!

By Derek Sabori

So good to be here for the Volcom Pipe Pro. It’s really such an amazing experience to be amongst all the players, to be in the mix of the energy and to know that sustainability is working its way into the heart of the mix.

I arrived on Wednesday just in time to post some reminder posters and to hold our first ever – pre-event meeting. Our aim? Get everyone we could to review the steps we’re taking on site, what it means to run a Deep Blue Surf Event, and how everyone plays a part. We had a decent turn out and great words of wisdom from Jen Homcy and Kahi Pacarro (of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii).

On Thursday we went right into it, with perfect waves on tap. Everything’s in order: biodiesel – check. Recycling & compost stations – check. Water bottles and water fill stations – check. Big thanks, as always, to World Centric Compostables and Menehune Water Company for always backing our program!

We even had Volcom co-founder, Richard “Wooly” Woolcott talking sustainability at Volcom during heat commentating in the booth – and in the picture below? Wooly, me, and Munetoyo Tanaka, one of the stars from last year’s Sustainable by Design movie.




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Volcom Pipe Pro 2015 – Almost Go Time!

Aloha! This year at the Volcom Pipe Pro, you can expect the same level of Sustainable by Design commitment that you’ve seen in the past, and more.

We’re happy to report, that for the 3rd year in a row, the event will again adhere to the guidelines of, and will expect to be certified as, a Deep Blue Surfing Event – meeting Sustainable Surf’s criteria for running a more sustainable surf event. This means we’ll address and measure our impacts in regards to:

Community Support
Transportation and
Climate Change

Factoid: For the last 3 years, the Volcom Pipe Pro has been an essentially, carbon-neutral event, having all of it’s emissions offset through purchases of verified carbon credits. Event fans (and New Future fans) can expect the same this year.

Of special interest are the partnerships we have with local community organizations. The event’s official sustainability partner on the ground is local non-profit Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii , and proceeds from the year-long Volcom Hawaii Give Back Series campaign will be presented to the Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii at the event’s end; last year’s donation was over, $40,000.

As an additional and special tribute, Aika Collective, the action sports photo print shop, is participating in the Live Like Sion fundraising campaign to host and print a special series of photos that can be purchased during event; all profits from prints sold will go to the Sion Milosky Memorial Fund. Prints will be available at and will feature four tribute photos of Sion Milosky shot by Brian Bielmann, Daniel Russo, Zak Noyle, and Brent Bielmann. These photos are printed on Kodak Pro Supra Endura Photo Paper and are available in multiple sizes.

Last, but likely the most fun, is the follow up to the successful Sustainable by Design edition of Talk Story at Surfer the Bar. This year’s event will again be hosted by professional athletes, Dave Wassel and Alex Gray and will feature a screening of the 2014 Sustainable by Design story, presentations by Volcom’s Global Sustainability Director and the Executive Director of Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, as well as a performance by local reggae act, The Jimmy Weeks Project. The event starts at 8pm sharp on Saturday, January 31st and is free to the public, before 8:30pm.

The waiting period for this year’s event is January 29th – February 9th, 2015. Stay updated at and be sure to check out the new trailer!

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Tropical Distractions Benefit

“Tropical Distractions” An Art and Music Event to Benefit The Mission House Jax to be held at Nippers Beach Grille, Jacksonville Beach, Florida from 5pm – 10pm on BLACK FRIDAY November 28th, 2014.

 Join Local and International Artist as well as Local Rockers DARKHORSE SALOON Friday November 28th for the first annual Tropical Distractions art show at Nippers Beach Grille. Tropical Distractions will celebrate and strengthen the local community by donating all proceeds from our Silent Auction to the Mission House Compassion by the Sea in Jacksonville Beach. Our Silent Auction will feature a ton of Art from our contributing artists like Volcom’s own Jamie Browne, The Volcom Art Loft, Beth Haizlip, Chris Maslow, Clay Misner, Nico Suave, and photographers Jack Bates and Patrick Ruddy. Along with featured rad items from our sponsors like: Volcom, Electric Visual, Kicker Audio, Vestal, Nixon, Cycle Spectrum, Sunrise Surf Shop and much more. Sweetwater Brewing Co. will have a host of drink specials, and raffle opportunities so keep a lookout for your favorite Brew!

About The Mission House…

The Mission house was created, and is the only day facility to help meet the needs of the homeless adults at the beaches through compassion, faith and programs designed to provide assistance at an individual level. Today, our number one goal is to assist homeless people off the streets of the Beach and back to productive and self-sufficient lives.  Clients who eat and shower at Mission House for at least a week must meet with our case manager.  This is the only way that we can learn how they arrived at this point in their lives.  Each case is as unique as the person themselves.  The face of homelessness has changed dramatically over the years.  Due to economic conditions, family background and life situations each one of our clients has faced a trial in their life that they may not have expected.  We are here to assist them in planning a way back to an independent and positive way of life.

About Paint It Local…

The idea of Paint it Local was created during a fall internship with Volcom East. The issues of poverty, hardship, and economic downturn developed this quest of event promotion for bettering all communities at their core. Paint it Local connects local and international artists, local musicians, and the local community in an effort to help out the less fortunate. These art and music events celebrate the communities’ strength, and aspire growth in a bottom up manner.

About Tropical Distractions…

Tropical Distractions creates a platform for flourishing artists and photographers in the local community to build upon current success and blossom future artistic opportunities; Brings awareness to the less fortunate individuals here at the Beaches; Collaborates with people of the local community in our efforts to strengthen the Beaches at the core.

Executive Director at the Mission House Lori Delgado Anderson said:

“We are so grateful to Paint it Local and Volcom for having this incredible event to benefit Mission House.  We are proudly supported by our community.  It’s events like this and the people who support them that make us proud to be a part of the Beaches Community.  So many people that the Mission House serves will benefit from Tropical Distractions.”

The Give Back…

The festivities of Tropical Distractions at Nippers Beach Grille is an action packed night for friends and families of all ages, but the main objective is to give back to the Beaches through Mission House Compassion by the Sea. The way Tropical Distractions will raise money is through a silent auction and raffle featuring items from our participating sponsors. The silent auction items include: Volcom Gift pack (prohibit canvas backpack, 2015 Volcom Pipe Pro board shorts and tee, and a True to This movie box set), Nixon leather package (premium leather wallet, belt, green / heather gray 210 fitted), Vestal ZR2 gold men’s watch, 5 pairs of Vestal Republic Sunglasses, Kicker Audio Bluetooth home amphitheater system made for IPhone, IPad, and IPod, Kicker Audio KPw portable wireless speaker, Collin Provost signed signature Toy Machine model skate deck, and many more not listed.

The Artists…

Jamie Browne – is an artist from Sydney Australia, Jamie is fueled by his love for Rock ’n’ Roll and skateboarding and frequently partakes in both as well as a few cheeky beverages. Even from school his college days studying graphic arts, Jamie was always the dude in the back of the room filling his books with drawings of skulls, grotesque hands and other crazy stuff much to the dismay of his teachers but to the delight of his classmates. These days you’ll find Jamie working away in the dark depths of the VOLCOM art department drawing till his hand seizes up and his eye balls melt in his skull.  Jamie will have his art displayed and on sale at this event.

@Jamiebrowneart // //

Chis Maslow – Maslow is a Miami-based fine artist whose creative practice centers primarily around painting and sculpture. A former Los Angeles resident, Maslow graduated in 2003 from The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in product development. He quickly grew into a notable clothing designer and produced for multiple labels in Southern California. A few years into his career as a fashion designer, Maslow found himself gravitating towards street art. Subsequently, after many years of experimentation with multi-media, Maslow realized a greater calling to fine art. Since his transition onto canvas, Maslow has shown artwork in galleries across the United States and has experienced equal success in curation as well. Maslow has been a resident artist at Viophilia since November 2013, and simultaneously runs a studio-gallery in his hometown of Melbourne, Florida.

@Christophermaslow //

Clay Misner – is 27 year old surfer, skater and aspiring artist. He graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor in Fine Art. Clay was born and raised in Melbourne Florida, but now resides in Jacksonville Beach Florida. Clay specializes in mixed media, pop art, and illustrations. Clay has worked with numerous local clothing companies like Salt Life and Strata Clothing.

@Claymisnerart //!2012

Beth Haizlip – Encouraged by my parents to draw, paint, and appreciate art at a very young age

I knew I was destined to become an artist. I was born in Charleston, South Carolina and graduated from Florida Southern College in l980 with a Bachelor of Art Degree. I married my high school sweetheart, a navy pilot, and had an adventurous life living in California, Hawaii, Texas and Florida. In 1990 my family settled in Orange Park, Florida. I became an active member of The Florida Watercolor Society, The Jacksonville Watercolor Society, The St. Augustine Art Association, The Clay County Art Enrichment program for children, and The Art Guild of Orange Park ( where I served as president for two years and for whom I am currently publicity chairman. My paintings range from florals, tropical scenes and landscapes to still lifes and portraiture. I truly love it all! The more I paint, the bolder I become with my color, design and composition. Art appreciation and consistent painting habits are both an on-going learning process. I have gone to many workshops and classes, but I must credit a local artist and teacher, Gloria Travassos, for many of my accomplishments as an artist. She has taught me the importance of having good reference material, value sketches, strong compositions, and patience for creating a successful painting. Beth has taken numerous art workshops with artists Mary Whyte, Pat Weaver, Arne Westerman, Alex Powers, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Don Andrews, Morgan Samuel Price, Gerald Brommer and Mary Ann Beckwith. //

Nicole Holderbaum aka Nico Suaveis like nothing you’ve ever seen and no one you’ve ever met. Florida born and raised, Nico collaborates with local Strata Clothing.  She is an avid surfer, artist, and world traveler. Nico says “Live and love fearlessly.”

@Nicosuavalicious //

The Photographers…

Jack Bates- The thing I love most about photography, is you can stop a moment in time before it’s gone forever. Born and raised in Jupiter, Florida I made photography my career when I graduated from University of North Florida. I have had the opportunity to work for many businesses and photograph some beautiful weddings. Wedding photojournalism is key. The day needs to be documented properly so that years down the road we can look back and relive the moments through photographs. When it comes to documenting a special day, I have to be precise, paying close attention to my surroundings and interactions. My second main line of business would be marketing photography. Marketing photography to me is essentially great photographs that represent what that particular company does and offers. Most of the time, a business will reach out to me when they are either creating a new website or revamping their old one.

@Jackbatesphotography //

Patrick Ruddy- Patrick is based on the east coast of Florida. He studied at the University of Central Florida, and is currently the photo editor for Fluid Magazine. His work has appeared in various newspapers and magazines around the world, including the New York Times, Surfing, Transworld, Maxim, The Surfer’s Journal, PDN, and more commercial clients including Volcom, Hurley, SPY, Kicker Audio, Sector Nine, DaKine, O’Neill, Arnette, Rusty, and more. He lives in New Symrna Beach, Florida, close to family, friends, and his dog Jazz.

@Ruddyphoto //  

Contacting Paint it Local…

Want to get involved with Tropical Distractions?

Contact Us:

@paint_it_local // //

(321) 514-2869

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