Anything But Simple

This month, we are proud to present a special Give Back Series collaboration with Relmu Witral.

EMPOWERING. In 2012, after being awarded as one of the three winners of the Kering Foundation’s Social Entrepreneurs Awards, the organization in in Tirua, Chile called Relmu Witral was introduced to us. After a few conversations, we took on a mentorship program with them in the hopes of bringing awareness to the empowering work they’re doing near the northern border of Chilean Patagonia .

The aim of the group is simple: Improving the economic empowerment of Mapuche Lavkenche women in Chile while preserving the ancestral & cultural weaving know-how of the region.

UNIQUE. Each of these beanies is hand made by one of the 135 members of the association who came together in an attempt to prevent their ancestral craft from disappearing. The women who joined forces in 2003 called their association Relmu Witral meaning Rainbow Loom – that’s what you get, a rainbow assortment from the hand made, hand dyed nature of each beanie.

MEANINGFUL. When you support this cause, you’re helping to continue the empowerment of a group of women coming together to make a difference for themselves. You’re also supporting the concepts of 100% hand made, cultural heritage, and fair trade certified.

ANYTHING BUT SIMPLE. Sure these beanies are 100% hand made, in a small village, thousands of miles away. But keep in mind it’s all by Mother Nature’s playbook: The ladies shear the sheep when the time’s right, wash the wool and prepare it. Depending on what’s in season, the products of Relmu Witral are dyed with local plants and herbs. Finally it’s time to spin and weave – seems simple enough. But it’s long and hard work, dictated by nature’s fluctuations; anything but simple.

Please enjoy these hand-made, certified Fair Trade beanies made by the ladies of Relmu Witral and learn more about their story and additional products at

Learn more about the Kering Foundation here.

WHERE TO BUY? These unique beanies are available at the following Volcom locations:


Details on these locations can be found at


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Alex Midler’s Roll-A-Thon at Volcom HQ

Super stoked on Alex Midler’s commitment to benefit the Johnny Romano Foundation to cure Leukemia! Join Alex and friends this weekend for a 11.6 miles (total) roll – from Volcom HQ to Huntington Pier.

When you donate at least $10 to to JohnnyKicksCancer, you’re entered for chances to win grand prizes!

Come out and support Alex and friends and if you don’t know about Johnny Romano, check out his brave story here. Roll forever.

Good on ya, Alex!


All the details are here at

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A Waste to Waves Journey

This weekend, world-class surfboard shapers will be gathering at The Boardroom just up the road to share their craft and talk about the state of what we ride. So what better time to tell the story of our Skatepark-scraps-to-Surfboard fun? That’s right…skatepark scraps.

If you’re like me and were born with more surfer than skater in you, you may not have ever had the chance to learn that concrete skateparks are often made with a styrofoam core…that’s eps (extruded polystyrene), the same stuff eps surfboard blanks are made. This summer, I learned this when Remy Stratton, VP of Skateboarding came to me asking, “What should I do with this leftover styrofoam from the skatepark?” I thought it would be a few blocks of packaging and we’d dump it into the Waste to Waves box we have in the breakroom. Nope – have a look:

Leftovers from the Skatepark

I immediately called our buddies at Sustainable Surf, creators of the Waste to Waves program – I said, “Let’s tell a story here. Let’s turn this Waste into waves!”

Meanwhile, back here in Costa Mesa, I had recently, done some window shopping at Threads & Fins where I saw the amazing shapes of Matt Parker at Album surfboards. I looked him up, and asked if he was part of the ECOboard project. While he’d used Marko foam and dabbled with Entropy epoxy he hadn’t yet done a certified “ECOboard.” He was game, and the journey was on…Sustainable Surf meet Album Surboards, Album, meet Sustainable Surf.

After a little back and forth, and coordinating of schedules, the team at Marko made a few pickups here at HQ. If you haven’t seen the process of recycling eps packaging into surfboard blanks, check it out, it’s great:

In theory, here’s what happened: we shipped Marko Foam a batch of recyclable styrofoam, we got a recycled eps blank back, ready to shape. Blank went to Matt/Album, where the magic was worked. Based on ECOboard criteria, the board was glassed and sanded and hand delivered to HQ – in theory, a near complete circle. The tool I’ve been using to ride waves theoretically owes its life to the scraps that were generated from our skate program…not a bad story. Oh, and by the way, the boardbag? Repurposed vinyl (not ours yet…) crafted into a great bag contributed by the team at The Progress Project. Stay tuned for a Volcom x Progress project.

The board is a 5′ 6″ Riot, with a 5-fin set up, beautifully colored. Certified ECOboard #1402. Big thanks to Sustainable Surf, Marko foam, Matt Parker and Noah at The Progress Project for making the journey so rewarding…and thanks Remy, for the great skatepark!



So what’s your next board made of?

Check to see if your shaper is already on board:


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Pipeline to a Cure 2013 With Kid Creature

Wish You Were There...

A few weeks back (OK, so it was several weeks back!), we were STOKED to once again, be included in the Pipeline to a Cure event put on by Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (CFF) at the Hyatt Regency in Huntington Beach. This year, the CFF family really let us have a run at the place, and we teamed up with Calvin Saxton, aka Kid Creature to make the most of it.

For the last few years, we’ve been partnering with Kid Creature on his Volcom Featured Artist tees to help raise funds and awareness for CFF & Pipeline to a Cure through our Give Back Series. Cystic Fibrosis is a bummer of a disease that affects mostly young people and the July event is sort of the grand gala of the year to raise funds for research in the fight for a cure…and, as you can see, it’s a blast!

This year’s event honored Mike and Christine Ness (yes, as in Social D’s Mike Ness) for their continued support, and thanks to the numerous partners and sponsors, raised over $500,000! Happy to say that, thanks to the sales of our Kid Creature tees, Volcom and Kid Creature were each able to raise/donate $5,000 for a total of $10,000, which we presented at the event.

Big thanks to Kid Creature for introducing us to such a great cause!

Check the photos from the night, and be sure to have a look at the great video by CFF!

Lots to Bid On, Lots to See

Daven P and Calvin Present the Check

Grand Ballroom, Grand Entrance

Marty and Cindy

Kid Creature Checking, Bidding or Winning?

Pipeline to a Cure 2013 from Mike Brown on Vimeo.


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Let’s Hangout and Talk Fiji!

Join us LIVE at 1pm (pst) Wednesday, August 28th for an exciting L.E.A.F. ROCKIN hangout with Alex Gray and the Volcom Fiji Pro team to discuss the contest, the waves, and the unique challenges and benefits of holding a world class surfing event in a remote corner of Fiji. We will check out Sustainable Surf’s “Deep Blue Surfing Event” program, which is a powerful tool for looking behind the scenes at the Volcom Fiji Pro’s commitment to sustainability!

Follow this link to join the LIVE Google+ Hangout session aired on YouTube :

The Rockin panel will include:

Derek Sabori, Volcom Global Sustainability Director

Alex Gray (Volcom Pro Surfer)

Jeff Baldwin, The House of Marley Marketing Director

Dylan Fish,  Tavarua Island Resort General Manager

Michael Stewart, Co founder of Sustainable

Ana Rothwell (Founder of LEAF)

Sponsored by The House of Marley and L.E.A.F. – Photo credit: Tom Servais,


LEAF Rocks Google+page for upcoming events

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Volcom Fiji Pro Sustainability Evaluation; a Deep Blue Surfing Event

Back in June, the Volcom Fiji Pro ran in all its glory – congrats again to Kelly Slater and the whole roster of A+ pros (and locals!) that went to town in the amazing conditions throughout the week.

While, at the surface, the contest is picture perfect – beautiful locale, pristine ocean & weather…yes, Tavarua Island is a dream. However, as with any event and/or product manufacture, there are impacts – both environmental and social. Some are good, some are bad. For our products, we’re using the EP&L (Environmental Profit & Loss) to assess our impacts –  for our surf events, we’re teaming up with Sustainable Surf and their Deep Blue Surfing Event™ event certification. Our hope, each contest is to take a retrospective look at each major event like this to get an idea of how we did, where our weaknesses were and assess how we can get better.

So have a look at the report over at We’re proud of the fact that the event meets the criteria – especially for the community work we did with Give Clean Water in partnership with Tavaura Island Resort and Islands Restaurants, and the support we raised for GCW and Loloma Foundation through our partnership with Surf Credits. We’re also very fortunate to be holding the event at a resort that is, itself pushing sustainability up to the top of it’s agenda.

Oh, and before diving into all the data and notes on the carbon footprint and offset, and/or the tons of waste and kWh that were created and used (because we know you’re dying to get in there!), do take a moment to check out the amazing photos in Tom Servais‘ B-Roll stroll – a look behind the scenes at the Volcom Fiji Pro, at Tavarua Island, Fiji.

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New Surfers Found! Three Days with SOY, Costa Mesa

What a great week to be a surfer! A while back, a Volcom colleague introduced us to a youth based organization right down the road from us here in Westside Costa Mesa. Located just a mile and a half from us, SOY (Save Our Youth) is a non-profit whose mission is: nurturing the teen community to make positive decisions in life. When we found out they were embarking on their annual Beach Days event – spending 3 mornings down in Newport learning to surf, playing in the waves, and generally have a good time – we couldn’t help but want to be involved! In fact, it sounded like just the project for Intern Mikey to spearhead and make happen…Kudos Mikey!

Ends up, the kids from SOY that enrolled to attend – about 15 of them – were absolutely STOKED on 7am surfs lasting 3 hours or more. Whether it was longboarding, shortboarding on soft tops, body surfing with Flying Dutchman’s hand planes, or whomping around sans equipement, the kids kept the smiles and positive vibes flowing!

Each day, the crew rallied down at Orange St. at 7am and most were in the water by 7:30am. We pushed and coached kids into waves for 3-4 hours each day, and by the last day there was less pushing and coaching, and more watching and wave riding…

The thing that’s so great about SOY is their focus on fun, activity, respect, and education. It’s a group that aims to arm these kids with experiences that will translate into college educations, and positive career choices. They have a great after school tutoring program and are always focusing on raising scholarship funds for college bound kids (you can contribute here).

Between our Volcom volunteers and friends of friends (yeah Axel!), we had a great time, made some new friends, and found some very naturally gifted surfers who I hope will be back in the water soon without us. Who knows? We may have just changed some minds on college locales for these kids…USCB? UCSD?





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Volcom Hangs Out at LEAF Google+ Hangout #1

The other day I had a great time hanging out and chatting with a few leaders in the Movie, TV, and product space. Thanks to LEAF (Leaders of Environmental Action Films), we were invited to the launch of the LEAF Rockin’ the Planet Google+ Hangout Series – this one sponsored by House of Marley.

Big thanks to Charles Hambleton, part of the OPS team for the movie The Cove, Ed Begley Jr., Emmy Award winning actor and Sustainability junkie, Rohan Marley, the founder of Marley Coffee and son of legendary musician and visionary Bob Marley, and of course, Ana Rothwell, founder of L.E.A.F.! Super fun hanging out with you all!

Check out the conversation here.


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JASA Surfing Event Japan – For the Groms!

By Eddie M., Volcom Japan GK

Just got back from our first JASA volunteer Surf event and here is the update on “Umi No hi”( Ocean / Marine Day) Holidays in Japan.

In conjunction with the 3 Star WQS Murasaki  Shonan Open, Volcom and several of our friendly competitors  joined together under the umbrella of JASA (Japan Action Sports Association) in the mission to unite and help drive the growth and development of Action Sports in Japan.

Together all brands each brought a member of their pro Surf team, volunteers from each company, donated product and equipment, in an open offer for Free beginner Surf Classes to new Groms, during the WQS event. Our own Volcom Japan pro Rider/ ex Japan Champion Teppei Tajima was acting Class Principle/ Dean of student for this group project. 40 lucky groms each got an opportunity to learn from Japan’s top pros from every company and all received autograph signed t-shirts to take home, as a memory of the event. A perfect Typhoon swell and cooling waters in Tokyo’s scorching 95 degrees, left all smiles all day long. 40 new surfers born, all excited and leaving with a memorable opportunity to say they learned from Japans top pros, and all for free.

To close out a perfect event, all kids, riders and volunteers performed a beach clean up to help further educate the kids on the importance of the taking care of the Beach and the environment.

Its amazing how much we can do if we all cooperate to help drive the market and participation!

Amazing event. Volcom was definitely lucky to be a part of it!

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Huntington Beach Surfrider x Volcom Beach Clean Up

By Intern Mikey P.

Huntington Beach Surfrider and Volcom were at it again this weekend keeping the beaches of Huntington free of trash and bad vibes!

Armed with piping hot cups of Java Jaws Coffee, Surfrider and 287 community members scavenged Brookhurst Street for remnant trash from Huntington Beach summer fun.  Early birds were lucky enough to grab some free Volcom gear in exchange for a bucket of trash!  A few lucky volunteers even scored a resusable Volcom bag made out of old V Co Logical T shirts and hand crafted by yours truly.  You can make your own no-sew reusable bag at home using this simple tutorial courtesy of Leethal Blog!   Grab your old favorite t—shirt and give it new life by crafting it into a killer beach bag for summer fun or as a substitute for one use plastic grocery bags.

After a long, fun filled morning at the beach our total trash count came to a whopping 257.3 pounds!  That is almost a pound of trash per person!

To get involved with you local surf rider chapter check out the Surfrider website and connect with some like minded beach goers in your community!

Thanks again to everyone who came down to the beach this weekend!





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