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Wow! What a night…on Saturday, March 1st, we hosted the global premier of True to This for nearly 5,000 of our closest friends. The movie was (is) epic, and on hand were team riders, retailers, employees, and everyone in between. With an event like this comes, as you can imagine, impact…We’ve learned from Volcom Pipe Pro events and wanted to manage the footprint as best we could, but let me tell you…being sustainable-minded at a party like this is quite the task!

Hats off, though to Reid, Tyler, Kris and the others who had a hand in ensuring that we stuck to the guidelines we put out for ourselves. Lots of lessons learned with each event like this, but I’d say we did alright…Here’s a snapshot of what went right and what went wrong:

The Good:

Food & Beverage: 

Our food vendor partners Pizzanista and TK Burgers were right on point: TK served their burgers in a compostable, bagasse sugar cane pulp based clamshell. We didn’t have compost access, however, so these went to landfill. Kudos to them, however, for their choice. Also to the trash – chip bags. Pizzanista served on pizza boxes and paper plates – also for landfill, but minimal impact.

Drinking water was provided via tap, thanks to MIZU and their portable filtration unit (thanks guys!).

Cups – We chose a #1PET plastic cup for beverages. Reason – we had our waste partner Waste Management behind us to ensure we had a recycling afterwards. My estimate, 75%-80% of the cups used went to our Single-Stream recycle bin.

Food Scraps – We tried. We had 5 Food scrap recycle bins on location, but honestly, they weren’t effectively used. This was intended to feed Waste Management’s Organic Waste Program.

The Bad (or the Not as Good):

While we had recycle bins at all corners of the event, I’ve gotta be honest, it was tough managing it through the night. Thankfully, we had a “Green Team” in place and at the end of the evening, we did a recon mission, rounding up the plastics, bottles and cans for recycling. Here’s the kicker though…many of those bags ended up in our general waste bins! Not to fear, though…that’s when it’s time to dive in and get dirty!

We suited up and pulled the said recycling bags out of the waste bins, and filled a 4 yard dumpster.

The food waste program didn’t go as planned – we sent the food wast bins back, empty :(

The plastic cups – while I’m glad these were recyclable, it sure is a drag to see so many of them…Lots of beer, lots of cocktails = lots of cups.

In the end, I was happy with our diversion rate, but we can still get better. If you’ve got an event of this size planned focus on your wares, and on communicating with everyone that will have a hand in clean up. The key is getting participants to separate throughout the night – I’m open to suggestions if you have a solution for that when throwing a 4,000+ rager ;)

This Many People Means That Much Trash (Recycling!)

Wrong Bin! Recon Mission..

End Result

About True to This:
March 1st, 2014 – Volcom HQ, Costa Mesa, CA: Volcom Kicks off the “True To This” World Premiere Tour with a massive event at the Costa Mesa headquarters.

When Volcom was founded in 1991, it was the first company to combine skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding under one brand from its inception. This way of life influenced the anti-establishment style and attitude that defined a generation. The cultural phenomenon was best captured when Volcom released “Alive We Ride” in 1993: a film documentingthe raw excitement and spontaneous creativity inherent to the lifestyle. Twenty-one years later, with the release of “True To This”, Volcom again captures the energy and artistry of board-riding in its purest forms. Shot all around the world and showcasing iconic athletes, “True To This” is a tribute to the movement that inspired a generation and the people and places that embody that spirit today.

An epic film deserves an epic party and not even the torrential rains, thunderstorms and power outages could stop that from happening. An estimated 5000 people showed up to get a first look at the film, party with the volcom team and rock out to the sounds of Dahga Bloom and Church of Sun. Five hours and 50 kegs later just about everyone agreed it was one of the best premieres they had ever been to. If you missed it there is a good chance you can catch the film at a tour stop near you! Check out for a full list of premiere locations and pre-order your limited edition “True To This” Box Set!

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