Volcom Pipe Pro 2014 – Day 1 and the Sustainability Team Kicks Into Action!

By Jen Homcy

Thanks Surfer, the Bar for Hosting our Sustainability Talk

After 4 lei days, Day 1 of the Volcom Pipe Pro was finally on!  We had just presented an evening of “Talk Story ” at Turtle Bay’s “Surfer – The Bar” with Dave Wassel, Alex Gray, and myself where we showcased Volcom’s film “Volcom Pipe Pro – Sustainable By Design” by Nathan Peracciny. The timing could not have been better. With so much anticipation and all of the new attention being given to Volcom’s sustainability efforts, we were very excited to get started!

We have a few new things for this year and a new partnership!  The VPP 2014 has now officially partnered with Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii.  This partnership is so exciting because it expands our outreach efforts to raise awareness and create action surrounding the marine debris issues of the Pacific as well as the Japan Tsunami Debris.

Welcome Friends!

Kahi Pacarro and his team are onsite working hard to divert waste, educate beach goers, and participate in the surfing community! We also have a new volunteer who travelled all the way from Japan to help.  Munetoyo Tanaka “Tanaka San” took day 1 very seriously, diving right in and sorting through the “Lei Day” waste at the Waihuena Farm.  With “Wilbur” the pig, “Bucko” the rooster and all the ladies (hens) by his side, waiting for an opportunity to snag a watermelon rind or some rice, Tanaka dug through trash bags making sure that we got all of the organics and recyclables sorted from the trash!

Big Thanks to Rexann Dubiel’s 4th Grade Class at Sunset El - These are Epic!

We also partnered with Rex Dubiel’s Sunset Beach Elementary School fourth grade class to make custom mugs for all of the Volcom and ASP crew.  The kids painted crew names and the message “Love The Ocean” on coffee mugs with sea creatures, surfboards, and waves.  The mugs are being used and “reused” to help reduce our coffee cup waste.  Dave Wassel says “This is the best thing ever… I LOVE IT”

The day shaped up nicely with beautiful weather, and although the swell decreased in the afternoon, everyone had a great day.

We successfully diverted 77 pounds of World Centric compostables, 149 pounds of food waste, and 66 pounds of recycling.  The generators ran smoothly on locally produced biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil by Pacific Biodiesel, water bottles and Menehune Water refill stations were in full effect, and those coveted coffee mugs were being refilled all day!  Last year’s banners were not only repurposed into reusable totes, but this year we have iPad and iPad mini cases and much more in sustainable merchandise!

See you on Day 2 – look for more updates from the contest and the farm as we continue to produce the “Greenest Surfing Contest in the World!”

VPP Goodie Bag - Repurposed Vinyl + Hawaii Give Back + Reusables

Our Green Team - Couldn't Do It Without 'Em!

Rock Star (thanks Jen!)

On Site Activation With Give Clean Water and Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii

Not Much Left For Landfill When We're Done With It

Thanks For the Help Tanaka-San!

Photos by Nathan Peracciny, Darrel Larson, and Derek Sabori

More details on the event’s sustainability efforts at: volcompipepro.com/contest-guide/new-future

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  1. Greg Howell says:

    Thanks Volcom & all your crew :) The effort you’re going to is inspirational and I’ll be helping to promote your sustainable practices in my small way. Every little bit helps, hey.

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