#GivingTuesday – A Show of Support for TACA!

For years now, Volcom has had a great relationship with TACA (Talk About Curing Autism). Back in 2009, we launched a Give Back Series T-Shirt promoting the great work they do supporting families affected by autism and raising some funds in the meanwhile.

Since then, we’ve joined them at their annual family picnics, supported their Autism Youth Ambassador program, and have hosted their annual Family Skate Day. We’re glad to help raise awareness around the work they do, and hope that this can inspire you to get involved and learn more about autism and how it affects families, and/or perhaps friends of yours. 1 in 68 children are diagnosed with autism, so the chances aren’t that slim.

For now, though – you can join us this #givingtuesday at www.volcom.com where every purchase you make, helps raise money for them.

Supporting TACA, helps support days like this:




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International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

The Kering Foundation is holding its annual White Ribbon For Women campaign to raise awareness on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, 25 November in partnership with Condé Nast International.

To increase the campaign’s visibility Stealla McCartney, Board director of the Kering Foundation, designed a limited edition White Ribbon for Women brooch.

125,000 White Ribbon for Women brooches have been distributed across 41 countries and in over 800 boutiques between the 21 and 28 of November to customers of 9 Kering luxury brands: Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, and more, and of course, Volcom.

In parallel, the Kering Foundation has launched #BeHerVoice from 7 to 28 November, a social media campaign encouraging everyone to raise awareness of violence against women. Silence can be broken instead of lives. Kelly’s joined – how about you? Help us spread the word by promoting the hashtag on this day, that unfortunately needs to exist…

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Save the Waves Film Festival!

Come check out the world’s only surf and environmental film festival on Nov 8 at the Ocean Institute. There’s  a VIP reception courtesy of Bear Flag Fish Co. and Hobie Surfboard, with special guests the Mattson 2!

Visit http://www.savethewaves.org/filmfest2015/ for details and tickets…More dates/locations planned.


Instagram handle: @stwcoalition

Facebook: Save The Waves

Twitter: @savethewaves

STWFF 2015 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=1a8XEpZ2GmM

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Coastal Cleanup 2015


So stoked to be able to again help out with this year’s California Coastal Cleanup at the Newport Bay Conservancy. Great to have supply chain partners that pitch in too!



Peter and Mary Muth Interpretive Center Parking Lot

2301 University Drive, Newport Beach, 92660

If the Center’s parking lot is full, continue to the overflow parking lot at the end of the University Drive.


We’ve got over 700 volunteers ready to help at the Upper Newport Bay for Coastal Cleanup this year. Here’s some reminders to have a wonderful time and cleanup the Bay!


Print out your waiver (English or Spanish) and sign it. If you are under 18, have a parent or guardian sign it for you! Waivers will also be available on site, but this will save us a step at check in.

  • It’s going to be a HOT one! Bring a reusable water bottle, wear sunscreen and a hat/sunglasses to protect yourself.
  • Make sure to wear proper footwear, close-toed shoes or boots, and clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.
  • If you have your own gloves, please bring them with you.
  • If you are a student, this is a great way to get service hours. Make sure to bring any paperwork that our staff may need to sign.
  • Show up ready to help the environment.

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What an Experience…

By Intern Nikita


The last couple of months flew by so fast I just can’t believe my internship has now come to an end!

Looking back, I first want to thank Derek Sabori for inspiring Hailey and I. His passion for Volcom and his absolute enthusiasm and devotion for sustainability is truly contagious. I haven’t figured out how, but that’s every single day! No wonder he always catches the best waves in a session… nature pays back ;p

Throughout this internship, I’ve learned so much on how sustainability is implemented in a company, its complexity, but also how important it is in order to build the New Future. I first arrived not knowing too much about Volcom’s environmental policy. I now know the brand is truly committed to be more responsible.

Working in sustainability also means interacting with every department in the company and getting to know the people who work to always improve the brand. I got to meet great people here and hear about their stories at Volcom creating long lasting relationships. Not only professional relations, but also true friends. Today I hold Volcom in the highest esteem and just want to stay!

For the last couple of months I have been immersed in the board-riding way of life… a culture I feel apart of. WAVES – MOUNTAINS – STREET. That is my everyday inspiration and worth protecting… Let’s go shred!!!


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Hailey’s Farewell!

Hey Guys!

The Intern Takeover is officially over :( Last week saw our last day at Volcom. This summer, interning with Derek Sabori in the Sustainability Department, has been incredible! I have learned so much about how a company works and specifically the challenges of implementing sustainability efforts into the company’s framework.

This being said, Derek has done an incredible job at working closely with every department and incorporating in his goals with the needs of everybody involved. Working along side him and Niki this summer has been a great learning experience as well as a lot of fun.

We got to work at events and in the office, meeting super cool people along the way. Being from the East Coast, getting to immerse myself in the California culture was an added bonus. The lifestyle and culture Volcom promotes, allowed me to feel at home while at work. I was able to make great connections and even make lifelong friends.

I will take Volcom with me wherever I go and I know I won’t be able to stay away for long! I’m so sad to leave, but I will always stay True To This!

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Krochet Kids Tour!

A visit to our friends at Krochet Kids Intl.

By Intern Nikita

Wow, what a concept!

Co-founder Kohl Crecelius was kind enough to present us his organization and I was mind blown!

To make it short Krochet Kids is a non-profit on a social mission. On top of the fact that they make awesome products and clothes, they seek to empower workers, focusing on women living in poverty around the world, by teaching them useful skills that will help them reach their dreams.

On a mission in Uganda, Kohl realized that poor people were sick of getting aid and what they really wanted was to work. By teaching crocheting, right now in Peru and Uganda, Krochet Kids changes the traditional vision of charity. They give skills and work! Kohl knew how to crochet and by teaching this skill he is now able to make a great difference.

Krochet Kids is committed to its workers making each one of them important. If you buy a product you can see who made it. If you like it, leave a comment on the person’s profile on Krochet Kids’ website!

I encourage everyone to take a look at their website as their concept is truly unique.

I personally am inspired by their work…


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SOY x Volcom Surf Days!

By Intern Hailey

From August 3-7 Volcom hosted a surf camp for the Save Our Youth Program. This organization provides kids academic advising as well as fun after school activities. In collaboration with SOY, we set up a four day surf camp where we taught around 20 kids how to surf.

On the 4th, Chris Bertish, an accomplished big wave surfer and paddle boarder, came to speak to the camp about how hard he had to work to get to where he is today. On the 7th, we set up a get together at the Volcom HQ to watch all the videos and look at all the pictures from the week. Overall, it was a fun week for everyone involved!

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Summer Daze Wrap Up

Summer Daze!

By Dane Jefferys, Volcom East Coast Marketing Coordinator

The final Summer Daze Beach Clean Up of the year took place last Saturday afternoon August 1st with Keepers of the Coast.  Over 30 volunteers showed up to lend a helping hand in cleaning our beach and after 2 hours the crew picked up over 75 pounds of trash and 3,000 cigarette butts.

With three events taking place this summer, the series successfully picked up an enormous amount of trash off the beach. In total 12,000 cigarette butts were removed along with 405 pounds of trash.

These events have created a heightened sense of environmental awareness among the local beach community. It was awesome to see the same families participate at every event this year. Already looking forward to next year’s clean ups!

This Crew Stayed Until the Very End!

Jeremy Picked Up +700 Cig Butts to Earn a New Pair of ELECTRIC Shades!

Trash, Recyclables, and Cigarette Butts!

Courtney Picked up +10 lbs of Trash to Win the VOLCOM Prize Pack!

Just a Couple of Locals Helpin' Out

Thanks Mellow Mushroom Pizza!

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The Ecology Center

The Ecology Center is located in San Juan Capistrano. Evan Marks, the founder and executive director, was kind enough to give Niki and I a tour of the facility and share their values with us. They believe there is a lot every individual can do to reduce their environmental impact.

They offer a variety of programs that enrich the public and educate the youth. We were there while there was a camp going on. The kids were making crafts to help pollenate the farm located at the center.

We also made a donation to their cause and they gave us some beautiful signs to help spread their message in the Volcom Headquarters facility.

The Ecology Center is dedicated to the future and is a helpful resource for people to educate themselves on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Overall, it was a very interesting and educational visit. I learned a lot and loved seeing all the innovations they are coming up with. I would highly recommend checking it out if you ever find yourself in the San Juan Capistrano area!

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