The Ecology Center

The Ecology Center is located in San Juan Capistrano. Evan Marks, the founder and executive director, was kind enough to give Niki and I a tour of the facility and share their values with us. They believe there is a lot every individual can do to reduce their environmental impact.

They offer a variety of programs that enrich the public and educate the youth. We were there while there was a camp going on. The kids were making crafts to help pollenate the farm located at the center.

We also made a donation to their cause and they gave us some beautiful signs to help spread their message in the Volcom Headquarters facility.

The Ecology Center is dedicated to the future and is a helpful resource for people to educate themselves on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Overall, it was a very interesting and educational visit. I learned a lot and loved seeing all the innovations they are coming up with. I would highly recommend checking it out if you ever find yourself in the San Juan Capistrano area!

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Boys & Girls Club x Volcom Skate Day

As told by Bryce Blanton, Boys & Girls Club Laguna Beach
“When we brought the group of members from the Boys and Girls Club of Laguna Beach to Volcom earlier this summer, it was a part of our skateboarding camp that we run all year round. The camp was started in 2013 as a way to teach members the basics of skateboarding as well as a way to grow the skateboarding culture in Laguna Beach in a fun and safe environment. We like  taking our campers out to different skate-parks so they can experience different types of skate environments.

When we came to visit Volcom, we brought a group of 25 members where we worked with Intro 2 Skate. The members were broken up upon experience levels. All of the members were able to skate on all of the different areas of the park and had an amazing time.”Thanks Bryce! We’re STOKED you guys had a good time, and glad to see the groms shredding :) Big thanks to our skatepark partners, Intro 2 Skate!
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Summer Daze Beach Clean-Up

By Dane Jefferys, Volcom East

The second Summer Daze Beach Clean-up of the year with our partner, Keepers of the Coast, took place last Friday, July 10th.

After an intense afternoon thunderstorm postponed our first attempt, clear skies and record highs greeted us this time around. It was a successful event with over 60 volunteers participating throughout the evening. In two hours 3,000 cigarette butts, 150 lbs. of trash and 2 giant trash bags full of recyclables were collected off the beach.

It was great to see families participating together and parents teaching their young ones the importance of taking care of the beaches and being aware of our ecological footprint.


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Take Your Dog to Work Day


Volcom HQ had a take your dog to work day sponsored by the Orange County Humane Society.All employees were encouraged to bring their furry friends to work for a day.

We hosted a donation drive for the OC Humane Society. Shelters often run on donations and need all they can get from the generous community to take care of the animals they have.

In addition to the donations, Volcom also held a dog adoption at the office. We later found out that many of the employees at Volcom had adopted their dogs from the OC Humane Society and nearly couldn’t resist adopting another one.

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Summer Daze!

So our event last week was cancelled due to this meanie of a storm, but…Volcom and Keepers of the Coast are proud to announce the remainder of our 6th Annual Summer Daze Beach Clean-Up Series to be held in the Jacksonville and St. Augustine beach communities. The remaining beach cleanups will take place at the Jacksonville Beach pier July 10th, and August 1st.

Keepers of the Coast is a local non-profit founded in 2007, dedicated to educating the community on the diversity of natural coastal resources and encouraging stewardship in those communities. Over, the past 5 years hundreds of volunteers have participated in the Summer Daze beach cleanups and removed more than 125,000 cigarette butts and several tons of trash from environmentally sensitive coastal areas. To give back to the volunteers, we’re dishing out FREE pizza along with custom Summer Daze buttons and stickers. Get to work, ’cause the person who picks up the most cigarette butts off of the beach will win a prize pack from Keepers of the Coast, Volcom, and ELECTRIC!

This is the busiest time of year at the beach so come out and do your part to inspire the residents and visitors to join the clean beach movement going all summer long!! This is a 100% free event with prizes for participation that will leave everyone satisfied with the knowledge they made a positive impact on their community. We would like to thank our local partners Void Magazine, Aqua East Surf Shop, Sunrise Surf shop, and Mellow Mushroom for helping to elevate these community based events. With their help we hope to spread social awareness about the need to keep our local beaches clean for everyone who visits this beautiful city, as well and the people who live here.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact:
Dane Jefferys
904 707 7531

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After Season Mountain Clean Up in Japan

By Nikita

Eddie Miyoshi, president of Volcom Japan, shares news from Volcom Japan !

With the ski and snow season closing, Volcom has teamed up with 2 companies for ski resort trash pickup rallies in Japan !

First with Patagonia at the Hakuba Nagano Mountain clean up! It is an internationally renowned ski resort in the northern Japan Alps. It was actually the main event venue for 1998 winter Olympics.

Then with Eco S at the Kawaba ski resorts that offer amazing slopes. A true paradise for snowboarders!

There were fun prizes for participants such as tees and free lift tickets for next season, as well as charity sales. But most important is the message and education through these events in order raise awareness on environmental issues.

Enjoy the truly breathtaking landscape… worth keeping it free of waste!

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True to Trestles! The 2015 TCT Championships

Hopefully you caught the event webcast, or better yet, were there in person! These three short pieces by our Sustainable by Design partner, Nathan Peracciny were running throughout with the aim of sharing the True to Trestles theme…


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Volcom’s International Surfing Day


Volcom celebrated the 11th annual International Surfing Day on June 19th! An initiative by Surfrider Foundation.

The event took place in Newport Beach, CA. Thanks to Firewire surfboards and Surftech we had great boards and paddle boards for participants to try out. We also provided surf lessons thanks to our local partner Frog House Surf Shop!

Both employees and our community came to enjoy the surf and share breakfast with us.


In addition to celebrating the sport and lifestyle of surfing, ISD is a day when participants  give back to our oceans. Volcom organized a beach clean up collecting about 9lbs of trash. It is actually not a very big amount, which is a good sign meaning the beach was rather clean!

Everyone had a great time at the beach and it was an overall success!

Have fun, do good ;)

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CR&R Plant Visit

The final two days of the TCT were located in the San Onofre park at lower Trestles. CR&R is in charge of the waste at the park. A few weeks ago we visited the CR&R plant to learn more about their use of a single stream system. We wanted to make sure that the people attending this event understood why there were not recycling bins present at the event.

A single stream system means that all recyclables are sorted at the plant. They separate the landfill waste from the metals and plastics and greenwaste. For them it is more expensive to send waste to the landfill so they do their best to make sure everything that can be recycled is sorted and sold to the appropriate location. All the landfill waste that they do accumulate they pay to send to a landfill.

A major benefit of using a single stream system is that only one truck needs to be sent out to collect waste instead of multiple trucks for multiple types of waste. This means less CO2 emissions along with fewer trucks on the road tearing away at the pavement. They do a very good job sorting at the plant which is why Volcom supports their single stream system and are willing to use it at our events.

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Let The Kids Ride Free (of Waste)!


Wild in the Parks is a free amateur skateboard contest series showcasing emerging skateboarders in major regions around the country.

The North American Wild in the Parks season kicked off on May 23rd here at Volcom Headquarters skate park in Costa Mesa.

From previous experiences we know that plastic bottles and cups are the main source of waste during this kind of event and they end up everywhere at the end of the day.

We set up recycling bins all around the park and we did our best to encourage our community to bring their ow reusable water bottle.

Whoever brought a reusable water bottle could participate in what we called the Repreve Recycling Raffle and win a $300 promo prize at the HQ Volcom Store.

Congratulations to the winner Ciao! He was stoked for sure! But also surprised that simply bringing a reusable water bottle could get him a brand new look for the summer (he even shared the prize with his friends!).

Next time bring your water bottle and maybe you could win a cool prize!

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